Shoe game - A minor walkthrough of ours

Updated: May 2, 2020

The current weather in Copenhagen can, for the most part be a cold experience. The positive thing is, that is offers a great opportunity to wear a wider selection of your shoe wardrobe. The switching of weather enables a wider selection of shoes to be worn. This article will leave out summer based footwear, like espadrillos, lighter loafers and boat shoes etc.

We’re gonna be talking about the way we approach the craftsmanship of shoe making, how we pair different types of footwear while discussing what we look for when buying shoes, all this within different price ranges. We’ve picked out a small selection of our shoe wardrobe, usually worn during fall, winter and spring.

A solid choice

It’s no secret, that we’re having a special affection towards brogues. In our opinion, brogueing offers a casual vibe to shoes that otherwise could be considered formal. We picked out five pairs of our favourite brogues and the reason for this large amount of brogues in our wardrobe can be related to the versatile properties of broguing in shoes and boots.

Berwick 1707

When it comes to beautiful brogues, spanish Berwick 1707 is a great place to start looking. Our first pick on the list a beautiful pair of brogued blouchers by Berwick 1707. This pair of fully brogued, short wing tips is constructed in hand cut cordovan leather reflecting a deep brown, almost ox blood tone depending on the light. The complexity of crafting behind every pair of Berwick shoes is truly felt and seen when worn.

The Goodyear Welted triple sole along with the cordovan leather construction provides a tremendous durability. Combined with the heavy brogueing throughout, this shoe is a great example of a timeless, classic well crafted masterpiece.

French Box-Calf leather

The spanish shoe makers, Bow-Tie, offers a broad variation of well crafted, Goodyear Welted shoes, combing british tradition and modernity.

As they put it themselves:

Bow-Tie’s collections are characterized by materials meticulously selected, adapting classic designs and patterns to the contemporary cosmopolitan man’s needs”

In contrast to the two pair described earlier, these pairs of French box-calf leather and English suede short wing brogues, is constructed with closed lacing. The oxford shoes tends to be associated with more formal occasions, but this particular pair balances a casual twist with an otherwise formal type of shoes. Aside from the closed lacing, the brogueing and brown leather pulls towards a more “laid back” vibe, making these shoes suitable in most everyday contexts.

Featherweight in suede

Base London is one of our newest additions to our arsenal of shoes, but certainly there to stay. The UK based company provides great quality, within a reasonable price point, whether you're looking for a solid piece of footwear for a formal occassion or something casual.

One of the suede brogues we’ve picked out is the tan suede wingtips from Base London. Color-wise ideal for fall season, easily matchable for other earthy tones. Beautiful brogueing throughout gives a classic edge to a modern but timeless shoe. A narrower silhouette and the long wing tipping provides a slimmer look for this pair. Constructed in soft suede with a rubber sole makes these shoes instantly comfortable when worn, and doesn’t require any breaking in whatsoever. Overall a great pair of shoes within it’s price point.

Black & brogued

The last pair of brogued shoes, we’ve decided to talk about, is the black semi-brogued captoe oxfords - the most formal ones we’ve mentioned so far(Left below). Captoe’ed in black polished leather sets this pair off, as formal shoes, while the brogueing brings it down a notch. Goodyear Welted soles provide great durability and amazing comfort once worn in. This particular pair comes from a line of handmade shoes within the selection of Loake. While being formal, we still consider this pair to be somewhat versatile. As the pictures depict, we’ve matched them with a charcoal grey chalk striped suit, but could easily go for a more laid back ensemble.

As mentioned before, the versatile properties of brogues, offers a wide variation of matching for this kind of shoe. The outfits we’ve picked out gives an example on how we choose to wear brogues. While we prefer using the brown shades is usually paired with colours in the same spectrum, blue tones also matches brown shoes very well. With exception of the black brogued oxfords, all pairs mentioned above, can easily be matched with denim.

Combat Boots

The last pair we’ve picked for this list is a season must; a pair of durable boots, suitable for the colder weather conditions without compromising on the overall look. This particular pair from Base London constructed with 8 eye open lacing and combat/vibram soles, all beautifully wrapped in full brogueing in a deep chestnut brown. Being a more casual boot, we usually pair boots like these with heavy tweed and wool fabrics.

Exposed instep

In terms of loafers we’ve selected two different types of a timeless classic; the penny loafer. Firstly discovered by university students, possibly Ivy League, travelling to Scandinavia in the early 1930’s bringing back slip-on footwear worn by Norwegian fishermen. Later adapted by G. H. Bass who introduced the first penny loafer - the Weejuns, derived from Norwegian, with the iconic strap crossing the instep.

Chuch’s Wesley - British tradition

An icon as the round toe Wesley from Church’s had to make this list. Fine craftsmanship, in a light chestnut colour, makes this pair a casual all-round loafer. Supreme leather and Goodyear welted soles adds great durability. The example below, displays this pair with other earthy tones with a slight splash of complimentary colours combined.

The black penny loafer

A timeless classic, the black patent leather penny loafer from Base London, also a timeless classic. In contrast to the pair from Base London mentioned above, this pair is constructed with leather outer soles. We’ve chosen to display these penny loafers in a subtle manner, with a checkered tweed and flannel trousers, combining blue and grey tones. A black penny loafer is, in our mind, a versatile must in every man’s wardrobe.

So what do you think about our choices depicted above? This is not a complete list, but more of a brief insight to our preferences of footwear when it comes to combining comfort and aesthetics, during colder seasons.

//Brothers Marfil