Conquering the cold - A guide on layering

With winter upon us in Denmark, the cold and snowy weather can sometimes restrict our ability to put on a wanted outfit. But instead of seeing the cold season as a way of limiting your possibilities clothing wise, we see it as an opportunity to unlock some of the items in your wardrobe, you can’t wear during summer.

The following article will feature some of our ideas on how to dress up for this season, without compromising on a great look.

Colder seasons as fall and winter calls for the heavier pieces of ones wardrobe like thick oxford shirts, rough tweed jackets, corduroy trousers, wool overcoats and lace-up boots. Futhermore, the season allows the wearer to combine several layers in one outfit, giving several levels of depth.

The following outfits, depicts our take on how we like to layer a fall & winter outfit. We’ve picked out a few outfits from this and past colder seasons.

Grey herringbone

This first outfit we deconstructed a herringbone 3 piece suit, and matched a pair of solid coloured trousers. The two herringbone piece gives an extraordinary warmth. A preppy regimental striped tie in blue and black compliments the grey tones of the jacket and waistcoat.

The blue and grey combo is a solid choice when pairing colors. The inner layer of a club collared oxford shirt adds another thick underlying base. Thus completing the whole outfit by giving the mix of herringbone tweed and the club collared oxford shirt a British countryside edge.

Blackwatch & Harris Tweed

With the outfit above, we’ve put together some colors and textures we like to combine during fall and winter. We got the cutaway collar oxford shirt, with a purple wool cardigan to match the purple shades within the tie. We topped it off with a heavy tweed jacket, along with a smooth green silk pocket square, breaking the rough surface of the tweed jacket.

Brighth earthy tones

Generally earthy tones are great for the colder seasons. Natural shades of green and brown go very well when paired while reflecting the surrounding colors of nature. In this outfit we’ve put a lighter subtle houndstoothed, wool blazer as the outer layer with a bottle green knit vest underneath. An extreme cutaway oxford shirt provides a great inner layer, being in contrast to the colorful paisley tie with brighter tones of green also seen in the pocket square and the stone bracelet.

Earthy tones continued

Like the outfit above, we’ve mixed some of the earthy tones that goes very well for the season, primarily brown shades. We’ve tried to enhance the depth of the outfit by letting a blue and white bengal striped, spread collar shirt set the base layer. The red raw linen tie stands in contrast to the shirt, enhancing both items. A textured wool waistcoat wraps the torso with a silk back, making the whole top half not so stifling.

Unlike all the outfits above, the blazer used here has a much lighter construction. Atypical for this season, the blazer is made in a brushed beige linen, bringing a lighter tone as the middle layer.

Regarding the outer layers a camel wool scarf lies beneath a forest green double breasted wool coat. The shoes; a pair of cognac penny loafers with a longer vamp that makes this type of shoe wearable during winter, covering a larger proportion of the foot, keeping out the cold.

Summed up, the colder seasons is a great opportunity utilize the warmer pieces of your wardrobe. Layering gives the wearer new ways of sophisticating the general outfit, by demonstrating one's ability to pair textured, patterns and colors on a whole other level. The colors at play during these seasons is almost always a reflection of the colors present in nature.

Hope this article gave you some inspiration on how to layer your winter season wardrobe. Feel free to check the other articles.

Till next time

//Brothers Marfil