Accessorizing for the summer

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Making a distinctive statement, accessory wise, can sometimes be a difficult task during the summer season, when neckties may feel stifling. But fear not, we’re taking you on a tour on summer inspired accessories, featured within the sartorial repertoire of Portia 1924. In our mind an ideal summer look is a reflection of the surrounding environment, in terms of colours, fabrics and patterns.

Thoughts on garments of an outfit during the summer, should be applied towards the accessories worn with them. Just like the lighter fabrics, brighter colours and bolder patterns usually are worn during the summer, on shirts, suits, jacket etc. the accessories should be no exception for that matter.

With a rich history of creating great quality products focused around accessories, Portia can surely supply one with the perfect finishing touch to a look, whether the formal black tie dinner needs a classic black silk bow tie or the casual summer outfit needs completion with a loosely tied linen scarf.

Founded in 1924, the sartorial heritage of Konrad Åkesson is kept alive to this day with a ground philosophy of creating timeless wardrobe essentials and flawless trend awareness. With meticulous attention to detail, when selecting fabrics and crafting thereof the final result mirrors a company caring for every step along the way, from the suppliers to customers.

We’ve picked a few items, that in our mind, shows true summer spirit, with light fabrics, beautiful structures and playful patterns. Delicate weavings of silk twill, cotton seersucker and wool blends are a great way to display coherence between the garments throughout an outfit.

Some time soon, another guide on summer garments in general will be presented on the blog, but for now, this guide on accessories will hopefully suffice. If you want to see more pictures from our collaboration with Portia 1924, check out our lookbook and projects section. A lot of the items we show here, can be found on their website.

Until next time