Spring according to Marfil - preparing for summer

With summer just around the corner, we're seizing the moment and bringing out our summer wardrobe. The following article will feature our take on how to prepare your spring- and summer wardrobe, making sure you'll look sharp for this years sunny season.

Starting off with the basics, the general outfit consists mostly of light fabrics and brighter colors. Take linen for example, a fabric suitable for almost any piece of an outfit; suits, jackets, trousers, shirt, accessories etc.. The light fabric comes in many different qualities and densities, making it a multipurpose fabric, that can be made into almost any wanted piece of clothing.

Along with linen comes lighter versions of cotton like seersucker and cotton-linen blends. Like linen, these fabrics, the light cottons and linen-cotton blends can be very useful in the summer outfit. Functional fabrics like these makes a great opportunity to stay cool during summer, without compromising on the overall look. Not to be forgotten, silk is also a great addition to the spring- and summer wardrobe. Not that silk has been neglected during the colder seasons, but during the summer the smooth fabric of silk can be granted a greater role of the outfit, incorporating silk in more than the everyday tie or bow-tie. A mix between cotton and silk gives a smooth and light texture to a shirt or jacket, surely a great way to look good without sweating in the summer heat.

Another important thing, when dressing for the warmth is the construction of the clothing to be worn; suit, jacket, pants etc. Jackets without construction and lining contributes to an overall lighter outfit, making it breathable and penetrable for a mild summer breeze.

Thirdly... The shoes. Footwear deserves a whole article for it self, but we'll mention a few good choices to bring out for the season. The loafers in almost any of its manifestations. If it's tasseled, a penny, belgian or buckled, be sure to add to your summer wardrobe.

Next up, the boat shoe. Sailors are a great way to comfort your feet and still looking good. Boat shoes with a minor cuff on a pair of chinos will look good any day, even though you're not at sea. Last but not least, espadrilles. The canvas shoe with a flexible rope sole, adds a casual but elegant touch to the outfit. Mix it with a linen suit, and the summer look is complete. If you're up for it, loose the socks, allowing air to circulate the lower regions. A light breeze will feel like a blessing on a hot summer day.

Speaking of colors, we like to avoid dark ones. We're seeing summer as an opportunity to mix in bright colors, some which are seen in the surrounding nature. The blooming flowers and shining sun are usually reflected in our spring- and summer style.

Summed up, brighter colors, lighter fabrics and less layering. A great example of the above is the annual fair, Pitti Uomo - summer edition. a great showcase on how we get inspired for dressing in the summer. Light suits and bright colors.

Here's a few examples on how we choose to interpret spring and summer style.

To some it might seem too risky wearing brightly colours and loosing the socks, but to finish off we'ed like to quote the icon, Andrew Weitz: "Everyone's so scared..... Don't be". Don't be afraid to wear the brightly coloured pink shirt, unbuttoning an extra button or loose the socks.

//Brothers Marfil

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