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Launching, our first article will feature pictures from our recent ongoing collaboration with the Swedish company, Care of Carl. We had the pleasure of combining great products from Care of Carl and Trashness with the lovely atmosphere of Salotto42, an Italian bar, based in the heart of Copenhagen. Setting the scene for a perfect night out, Salotto42 allowed us to experience the coziness during the daytime.

Having winter in Copenhagen a while back, we put together a couple of outfits with the season in mind. Going through the overwhelming selection at Care of Carl, we tried to mix heavier elements of wool and tweed with smoother components like preppy silk ties.

Winter is a great opportunity to bring out thick and rough pieces from your wardrobe, allowing you to stay warm without compromising on the look. In our mind, the colder seasons in Denmark like fall and winter don’t call for darker, more dull colours. As mentioned earlier, it's a great chance to bring out the pieces that has been neglected during spring and summer. Fall and winter calls for oxford shirts, tweed jackets along with shades of brown, rusty orange, dark olive green etc.

The pictures shown below depicts our take on some great winter looks, with a minor setlist attached to every outfit. Enjoy!

Jacket: Gieves & Hawkes, Notch mini check blazer brown. Tie: Morris, Club. Pocket Square: Morris Heritage, Gustavo.

Jacket: Morris Heritage, plain suit blazer

Shirt: Trashness, Extreme Cutaway Classic Tie: Drake's, medallion silk

Pocket square: Oscar Jacobson, silk medallion

Jacket: Oscar Jacobson, Eger cashmere blazer.

Shirt: Trashness, Spread collar blue striped.

Tie: Drake's, Flower Silke Tie Blue

Pocket Square: Eton, Cotton/silk printed paisley blue/brown.

Jacket: Morris, Heritage Mike Structured

Shirt: Trashness, Striped Blue Cutaway

Tie: Drake's, Dogstooth Camel/Wool Tie Orange

Pocket Square: Morris, Heritage Fabrizio Pocket Square Brown

Jacket: Oscar Jacobson, Fellow Loro Piana Blazer Camel Brown

Shirt: Trashness, Extreme Cutaway Classic

Tie: Stenströms, Paisley Wool Tie Blue

Pocket Square: Oscar Jacobson, Herringbone Pocket Square Navy

Stay tuned and be sure to check out, and Salotto42.

//Brothers Marfil

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